Corruption Free India Organization launched a clean awareness campaign.


Today, on Sunday 15 July 2018, from 7:00AM, The Corruption Free India Organization and  youth of Falain village in the village Falain organized cleanliness campaign for their village and planted trees to protect the environment.Youth of Falain village and Corruption Free India have been planting trees for the last several years on which place trees dried and destroyed form some reasons , hence new trees were grown there.
All the youths and Corruption Free India Organization take care of those trees daily and also run a cleanliness drive.
And all the youth and Corruption Free India Organization resolved to save the environment and where 5100 trees would be planted this year and if more trees would be needed in any area, there more trees would be planted by the youth and Corruption Free India Organization.

This kind of work will create awareness amongst the people and encourage the youth.
And the youth said that our country is changing if such youths work for the society and continue to contribute, believe that there will be no harm to the environment.
We are coming to see that the government cuts thousands of trees for some of its benefits, they are not worried about the environment.
Governments should take care that it takes hundreds of years to raise the trees, so the trees should be protected and if someone bites the trees, then they should take action against them.
Because human life gets pure air from the trees because in today’s busy life, there is so much depletion of trees that human beings have to be admission in the hospital for breathing then they get some oxygen.
Corruption Free India Organization says If the same attitude of governments, then the day is not far away, when humans can not get oxygen anywhere, therefore they appeal to all the citizens that if the earth is to be saved.
To save the environment, then every person should bring at least five trees around us, so that our future can be safe. Shankar ji, Ashok Kumar ji, Mahendra Chaudhary ji, Dori, Jugal Kishore, Rohit Chaudhary, and all the young fellow present in this plantation and cleaning campaign are present.



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